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With the new Spatter device that spread by innovation of coating,Shonan Electron
Material Laboratory Corporation(SEML) was established in 1980.
SEML develop and produce to suitable technology for the new target material and EB
Vacuum evaporation material for the new Spatter device.
SEML have experienced production of almost every Oxide-material that is written in periodic table. SEML is currently focusing development and production of oxide-material through our broad range of technical strings and rich experience.
In this field,SEML received high commendation from plenty of major laboratory.
Through a unique research and development and small-scale production that SEML holds, SEML can help with a smooth switchover to a mass production of development products.SEML offer solution to support improvement of customer’s business efficiency.

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Shonan Electron Material Laboratory Corporation.
Soya741-1,Hadano-shi,Kanagawa-ken MAP
ZIP/257-0031 JAPAN
Tel: +81-463-82-7711
Fax: +81-463-82-8091
Hiromitsu Kase
January , 1980
Bank of account
Resona Bank, Mizuho Bank